Why People Choose TOPRANK

Professional Appraisers with
Extensive Knowledge and Experience

TOPRANK’s Appraisers are all experienced in import sales, have deep knowledge of cars, and take a different approach, so they will find plus points for you that others overlook!
They spot hard-to-see original options and rare trims to give you the best offer.
At TOPRANK, hard-to-judge aftermarket parts (alloy wheels, body kits, mufflers, suspensions…) are always a plus.

We believe that customized cars are the ones that have truly been treasured by their owners. About 20% of our customers are from farther away and receive appraisals by simply supplying pictures.
As a specialist in the industry, we have many years’ experience and are confident in our photo appraisal skills.

Having Our Own Import Showroom

Means We Give You More

Since we operate our own showroom especially for imported vehicles, we can offer more for our appraisals.
We see ourselves as a bridge between owners and want to provide the next driver with as much transparency as possible.
We don’t approach our appraisals as a quick turn-around. We look at them as making an important purchase. This, of course, means that we reward those who take special care of their vehicles by cutting out middlemen.

No Pain Appraisals

We always strive to do our best and never perform appraisals that can be viewed by other companies.
Of course, we offer more for our appraisals. However, this is because our staff is confident in their skills, so you never have to worry.
After trading in your vehicle, we provide quick registration assistance. Payment for the vehicle is also processed the same day. *Please note that we may not be able to handle requests for certain models or contract conditions.

Corporate Member of the Japan Automobile Distribution Research Institute
Corporate Member of the Japan Purchase Used Car Association

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